Montreal-North, August 17, 2021. - Faced with this desolation that Haitians are once again experiencing following the earthquake of August 14, 2021, the ICI (L’organisme pour l’intégration, la citoyenneté et l’inclusion) and the RIIOH (Regroupement des intervenants et intervenantes d’origine haïtienne) initiate a crisis unit joined by other organizations communities and institutions in Montreal-North to help people in the far south of Haiti directly affected physically, materially, emotionally and psychologically.

Our actions are complementary to everything that is already being done. The needs are immense. There are already nearly 1,500 dead, thousands injured and people who are missing. The task at hand is colossal.

Montréal-North is the borough with the largest number of people of Haitian origin in Canada. We have a duty to act.

In this context, we have already taken the following measures :

  1. Gary Obas, general manager of L’ICI and D-yana Bommier, coordinator of the RIIOH are appointed spokespersons for this situation.
  2. Beyond the compassion offered to families suffering here and there, we are working to make links with organizations established in the affected regions. They proceed currently in a field assessment of the real needs and delivery difficulties help likely outside major centers. In addition to the earthquake, the tropical storm Grace will add to the already overwhelming distress 75,000 families are facing because of the destruction of over 37,000 homes.
  3. People who feel the need to interact with other people in order to come out and break their isolation can go to Center Jean-Paul-Lemay, 3727 Monselet, Montréal-Nord (Québec) H1H 2B3, Monday to Sunday, noon to 8 p.m.
  4. In the same vein, L’ICI Montréal-Nord offers to the public a telephone listening service and counseling, 514 955-5454.
  5. The accountability report will be published on the website of L’ICI Montréal-Nord and for all RIIOH member organizations.

It should be noted that our interventions will mainly focus on people and victims of the most remote regions of the Great South of Haiti, without excluding people from large cities. Our Listening and exchange services are offered primarily to people in Montreal-North and surroundings that are emotionally and psychologically affected by this disaster.

Our actions are supported by Madame Paule Robitaille, Member of Parliament for Bourassa-Sauvé in The National Assembly of Quebec and many community decision makers. Other people from goodwill can also support our initiatives through advice, attendance or donations to Maison Sam X, a charity recognized by Revenu Canada. Tax receipts will be provided.

Together, we can help ease the pain of these heavily affected families by this tragedy and give them a little dignity.


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  • The RIIOH, a group whose mission is to coordinate interventions targeting members of black communities and to help improve the quality of life in Montreal-North.
  • ICI, a pivotal, non-profit organization whose mission is to welcome people newly arrived, to accompany them and help them in their efforts to to establish themselves and participate fully in social, economic and community life, by offering them the tools to act on their integration and become active and participatory citizens .

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